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129 Words 100%

Other components

Component Translated Untranslated Untranslated words Checks Suggestions Comments
LXQt About 1 Translate
LibFM-Qt 7 Translate
ComptonConf LGPL Translate
LibLXQt 1 Translate
LXQt Admin (Time) 1 Translate
LXImage-Qt 5 Translate
LXQt Admin (User) 1 Translate
LXQt Config (Cursor) Translate
LXQt Config Translate
LXQt Config (Appearance) Translate
LXQt Config (Brightness) 1 Translate
LXQt Config (File-Associations) 1 Translate
LXQt Config (Locale) Translate
LXQt Config (Monitor) Translate
LXQt Globalkeys (Config) 1 Translate
LXQt Notification Daemon Translate
LXQt Notification Daemon (Config) 1 Translate
LXQt OpenSSH Askpass Translate
LXQt Policykit (Agent) Translate
LXQt Runner Translate
ObConf-Qt Translate
LXQt Sudo 8 Translate
PCManFM-Qt 15 3 Translate
PAVUControl-Qt 3 Translate
QTerminal 99% 1 8 3 Translate
QTermWidget Translate
LXQt Powermanagement 3 Translate
LXQt Powermanagement (Config) Translate
LXQt Panel 1 Translate
LXQt Session Translate
LXQt Session (Config) Translate
LXQt Session (Leave) 4 Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Mount) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Worldclock) 2 Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Spacer) 1 Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Directorymenu) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Cpuload) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Desktopswitch) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Dom) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin KBIndicator) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Mainmenu) 1 Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Networkmonitor) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Quicklaunch) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Sensors) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin ShowDesktop) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Volume) Translate
LXQt Panel (Plugin Sysstat) 19 1 Translate
LXQt Config (Input) 2 Translate
QPS 143 19 Translate
ScreenGrab 3 Translate

Translation Information

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Translation process
  • Translations can only be done through suggestions.
  • Suggestions are automatically accepted as translations once they have 2 votes.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
Translation license Proprietary
Repository branch master
Last remote commit Translated using Weblate (Hungarian) db7920b6
zoli111 authored a month ago
Translation file plugin-taskbar/translations/taskbar_pt.ts

Committed changes

LXQt / LXQt Panel (Plugin Taskbar)Portuguese

Committed changes 5 months ago
Desloque acima para minimizar e abaixo para maximizar
5 months ago
Desloque acima para maximizar e abaixo para minimizar
5 months ago
5 months ago
Limite delta da roda do rato
5 months ago
Roda do rato
5 months ago

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LXQt / LXQt Panel (Plugin Taskbar)Portuguese

New string to translate 6 months ago

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LXQt / LXQt Panel (Plugin Taskbar)Portuguese

Resource update 6 months ago
a year ago
a year ago
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